Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rats! One More Extinction

In a recent article published by Reuters, the author dropped a scientific bomb while discussing the need to wipe out rats on one of the Aleutian islands. What did he say that was so stunning to read? Here goes!
Once informed about the environmental destruction wrought by rats, citizens are generally determined to avoid them. Rats are blamed for causing about half the extinctions of various species worldwide since the 1600s and are persistent nuisances once established, said Clarke.
Did you catch it? Now I thought that mankind was the chief evildoer in our delicate ecosystem! But it appears we've been playing second fiddle for quite some time now!

Now with species like cockroaches and skunks and termites still plaguing the planet, I think that mankind must redouble his efforts to reclaim his dominion over the pests of the world.

So I'd like to applaud these scientists for their role of improving the planet by means of unnatural selection.

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