Monday, November 12, 2007

More Slight of Hand: Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering happens when one group of engineers takes the finished product of other engineers, say a missile, and disassembles it, noting the size, shape, weight, materials, color, density and other properties they find along the way. Done thoroughly, the reverse engineer is able to produce blueprints that may be used to build many more missiles without having to do the normally requisite research and development work. The one thing the reverse engineer is not able to reproduce is the manufacturing processes necessary to fabricate the component parts.

Reverse engineering is a well-known technique in the technology world. If the Chinese can't steal the process documentation to build a Stinger missile, they will simply try to acquire a working missile through shady channels and reverse engineer it. Their final product will look a little different and have slightly different behavioral characteristics than the superb U.S. Stinger missile, but will do most of the same job as the stinger.

One problem that evolutionists have is explaining how complex systems like the human eyeball, the bombardier beetle's explosive defense mechanism, or the amoeba's flagellum came into existence by gradual and accidental means. The flagellum on an amoeba has some 27 components (plus or minus) that had to exist all at the same time for the flagellum to work in the job of propelling the whole amoeba through a liquid medium. If only one of those components were missing, the flagellum would not function. So did all the components come into existence at once? Wouldn't that kinda' hint at design rather than accident? Well, yes, but...

This problem for scientists is called irreducible complexity. Now don't get too excited and call up your evolutionist buddies. Evolutionary biologists treat anything exuding irreducible complex characteristics as merely a matter of time. Because their faith precludes the existence of God, they will never yield because of it. Rather, they "hold judgment" until science gets around to solving the problem. One technique they've used for defeating irreducible complexity is to say that the complex system must have served other purposes in the past than it does now. They'd say that only when all the components were in place did the complex system serve the purpose it does today. They couldn't say what, but it musta' been!!

Another mechanism evolutionists use to defeat the problem of irreducible complexity is reverse engineering. Evolutionary Biologists are renown reverse engineers. They'll start by breaking they eyeball into it's component parts and dissecting each of them. They'll catalog all of the unique chemical compounds that make up the part. Then they'll go in search of other natural means that produce those chemical compounds. When they've done all their research, they'll start a "musta' been" story line that explains how the human eyeball came into existence. Whatever they come up with (which is usually completely different than another group of scientists on the other side of the world), MUST be the truth! That's how it happened. Never mind the amount of human input into the formula, never mind the unlikely or impossible nature of many of the steps in their hypothesis, never mind the total lack of evidence to support their claims!! It's settled! To argue with them would be...well...unscientific.

Sound exotic? It's exactly what's happening in a laboratory near you! The most unlikely mechanisms are being used to explain what we see (or see with) in today's organisms. Their only merit: They did it without having to admit that there is a God who designed these extraordinarily complex systems.

Now to illustrate their technique, let me explain how the H3 Hummer came into existence:

The hummer has an impressive cam shaft weighing approximately 65 pounds. It's made of heat tempered iron, chrome alloy and can withstand extreme temperatures. This kind of metal mixture was discovered in 1892 in South Bend, Indiana. Therefore the most logical assumption as to where the modern Hummer rose is that approximately 420 million years ago, a volcano erupted spewing lava over a cliff hang that would some day be South Bend, Indiana. The lava super-heated the granite in the cliff until the iron ore inside the granite liquefied and dripped onto the valley floor below making a crudely shaped metal spike pointing upwards. Tens of thousands of years later, a rock came crashing down from the cliff above, smashing the spike into a tempered-iron bar. The rock on top of the bar slowly eroded over the course of a hundred thousand years and left the bar there exposed. During a flood shortly thereafter, it was washed off the face of the hill into the stream at the floor of the valley where it was tumbled over and over for tens of thousands of years, giving it the shape we now see. (The Journal Hummer, Issue XXXIV, vol. 12, p. 87)

Get the picture? The fiction I just made up follows the same reverse logic they use, but my invention is MUCH simpler than the ones evolutionary biologists come up with. You see how absurd it is. Yet this is just the kind of slight-of-hand they employ in explaining away what they can't explain. They'll drown you in details too obscure and impossible to test, so field-specific, that anyone reading couldn't possibly substantiate or refute their claims. Readers can only choose to believe it or not believe the scientist.

Hey, that dilemma seems familiar somehow! Oh, yes, that's what God asks of us concerning His Word!! We can either choose to believe It or not believe It: Believe God or not believe God. No refutation, no substantiation, just believe.

In digesting the nonsense that scientists publish, a little logic goes a lot farther than years of book study. The techniques alone that evolutionists employ to prop up their claims should make them the targets of much scrutiny and suspicion. King David proved more educated than all Evolutionary Biologists when he cried out to God: "I am fearfully and wonderfully made"!


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