Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Global Warming: Mankind = .04 % of the problem?

In a recently published article, global warming alarmists have discovered that huge amounts of Methane are being ejected from soil and ice deposits they believe to have been frozen for 40,000 years. While we all know the earth was created by God just 6.5-8,000 years ago, they don't.

One more detail we know about global warming, and why we must combat it now by exchanging our Hummers for bicycles, right? Not quite. What the article inadvertantly does is to show how slight a contribution fossil fuel burning vehciles and power plants make to the overall "greenhouse gas" mixture. How slight? Well, the article points out that the Methane leak could be as much as 100 times more than all fossil fuel burning on earth. So during a single year, that means that only 1% of all greenhouse gasses come from energy-greedy humans, and 99% (roughly) from innocent old permafrost.

To complicate things further, it turns out that where the "global warming" effect is concerned, Methane is 23 times as potent as Carbondioxide! What does that mean? Well, not only is man putting out 1% as much gas, but the gas he's putting out is 1/23 as potent for global warming. So the end result is that mankind contributes only four hundredths of a percent to the overall global warming picture (which to be clear, is not happenning).

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Throwback 13 said...

* But Jason,
* You forgot to count all the hot air that the Democrats emit, especially at memorials, like the Wellstone memorial and democratic dirges over George Bush's 9/11 memorial.

Nicholas Cardot said...

Tell Gore to chew on that article for a while. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Seems you can't think logically.
The climate is not as it has been, isnt't it? How was it during your childhood?
MOST of the climate experts (and not amateurs like you) say the emissions by cars are one important reason.

But the consequences of the climate changes (warming) will be that factor 100 more will be emitted from soil and ice which is expected to cause much more changes.
Will this be fun for you?

Jason Hodge said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Thanks for reading and chiming in with your enlightening comments. You asked how the climate was when I was a child. Truthfully, pretty much the way it is now. Even your expert climatologists worst predictions and observations don't show the climate changing enough during my lifetime to be noticed by anyone. So you ask what it was like when I was a child? Clearly you've been programmed to believe that it was different (colder, perhaps), yet even the climatologists have admitted that "warming" isn't always the effect of "global warming". Sometimes it's cooling. Thus the more inclusive (more tolerant?) term, "climate change". Even by worst predictions, an educated climatologist would term your observations as "in your head". This is because, even by their estimates, the "change" has been too slight!
I do, however, wish to complement you on your extremely impressive memory and aggregation skills. Your ability to recall the weather from three to four decades ago is impressive. But more so you ability to average in your mind across many years, all inclusive of seasons is astounding! I can't even recall whether today is warmer than yesterday.
Finally, in my defense, remembering, of course, that I can't think logically, the articles that I linked to and referenced in my blog ARE from your beloved experts.
Anyway, thanks for reading. Stop in again any time.

Jason Hodge (not anonymous)