Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lazarus Effect: Frilled Shark

I came across another Lazarus species that I thought I'd try to chronicle for the sake of those who care. I've posted a link at the bottom of this post.

If you recall from past posts, the Lazarus Effect is the phenomenon that happens when our learned evolutionary biologists discover a species that was known only from the fossil record until someone found one walking/swimming/crawling around. Lazarus species often appear not to have changed in the past hundred million years or so. Evolutionists often try to say that these species have changed very little over the eons, but that is merely an exercise of their faith. In fact, they can't easily quantify how they've changed. Typically what they call "little changes" are far less in magnitude than the variations present in, say, modern humans.

Of course, we know that God created these animals less than 8,000 years ago pretty much as they are today. When we read that the fossil record appears identical to a walking, breathing (swimming) creature, it comes as no surprise to us. The flood of Noah covered the earth. Entire regions were covered in sediment and mud in a cataclysmic event that changed the face of the entire earth.

Evolutionists also try to appear somewhat composed when this kind of news comes out. They straighten their jacket, put on a good face and pretend they expected that. They merely lack an explanation! Give them time, they'll concoct something.

A recent, anonymous reader accused me of being "against science". Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that science is a worthy profession. But science gives solutions, not answers. I debated fellow a few weeks ago who believed that science was owned by Illuminati types and we weren't hearing the whole story. He said that everything we've been told is a lie. I pointed at my Ford pick-up truck and said, "My truck is a product of a thousand concrete scientific inventions! And it runs!!" Science is real. It gives us useful solutions to nagging problems. But only faith gives answers. In order to find answers in science, you have to read into things a bit. Better to do your soul searching with someone who believes you have a soul!

Hopefully I'll have time to comment on my recent trip to the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. It's a hoot!! Wait till you find out how asexual reproduction swerved into sexual (2 part) reproduction!

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. In modern science, there aren't many big men.

Shark Species Filmed


Joe said...

How do you account for carbon dating? We are able to measure the rate at which carbon deteriorates in certain substances, and this scientific measurement mathematically indicates an Earth that is billions of years old.

Also, according to the logic presented in genesis, coupled with what you've said here, you'd have to claim that Humans and Dinosaurs simultaneously occuppied the Earth and were simply wiped-out during the Great flood, or that they never existed.

Please do me the favour of filling in these gaps.

Jason Hodge said...


Thanks for reading.

You asked how I account for carbon dating. First, I'd have to point out that even the proponents of Carbon Dating only believe that it is accurate back 40,000 years. Thus, carbon dating couldn't tell you that the earth is Billions of years old.

Secondly, I've had this precise conversation with a laboratory scientist who admitted that Carbon Dating has been called into question because of un-accounted for variables. The problem is that we do not know the rate of C14 creation. This makes C14 dating unreliable. An excellent article hereI wish you'd read. It gives the dope on why all the radio dating techniques are unreliable, and more so, why the people using them are dishonest.

If you've never heard this stuff, ask yourself why not. If it's all just honest science, what would be the harm in us knowing this stuff?

Thirdly, I absolutely believe that the dinosaurs roamed the earth at the time humans did. Haven't you seen Jurassic Park? Just kidding. The Biblical book of Job makes mention of an animal it calls Leviathan. The way it is described, it couldn't be anything other than a dinosaur (or perhaps something we haven't seen yet). And that was less than 5,000 years ago. Job was a human eye witness of this animal and talks in a way that he expects everyone reading it to know what he's talking about.

Everything that is fossilized once roamed the earth (or stood on it if it's a plant). I don't at all deny the veracity of the fossil record. I just think that those who refer to it most commonly would also have a lot to say about the Emperor's New Clothes!

Thanks for reading,

Jason Hodge

Jason Hodge said...

By the way, I also wanted to respond by pointing out that there are a number of documented finds where human and dinosaur footprints are found in the same layers of strata. One such find is right here in Utah, the state in which I reside. Scientists quickly dismiss this sort of evidence, but they cannot explain it. Here's a link to one such find.

Parag said...

Like all fish, Frilled Shark has a lateral line running along the side of its body, bristling with tiny hairs that can detect vibrations in a manner similar to the inner ear. The frilled shark's lateral line is open to the surrounding water though, it doesn't use pores like most sharks do.